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Are You Foodies?

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  1. 1
    Scan QR code from your phone

    Scan or Click on the QR Code to See the Menu Make Your Customers Feel Safe.

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    Check the menu directly on your smartphone

    QR Codes at the Entrance /At table or bar/Beachside & poolside/ Room service.

  3. 3
    Make orders, call waiters and much more

    QR Code is not the only option to share your Menu Yet digital menu with your customers also on your website, facebook, twitter, whatsapp or by email.

Are You Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe Owner? Store/Hotel Setup Work Process

Create a Digital TasteBud QR-MENU for your Restaurant or Bar. Their mobile is your menu now!Make Your Customers Feel Safe.

Step One

Simple Register Fill Details a mail of confirmation at your Registered Email Id confirm Thats it..

Step Two

Once Signup Done Go to My Account (Top Right hand Corner )fill Tax No. Upload Tax Cratificate . Our Team will Evalute it .A mail of Confirmation Send Once your account active.

Step Three

Setup Restaurant its very Easy Fill all Details along with Restaurant Photo and Cover Image

Step Four

dd Menu First Create Categories like Dinner . Breakfast Lunch or and snakes .you can add Menu Items Attribute Like Small/ Large / Extra Spices along with Additional Price .

Step Five

Go to Digital Menu Generate and Download Digital Menu Print it and make Display .For your Smooth Print QR TEMPLATE are their you can use it or Design as your Choice ..

Step Six

You can Make Request for Activate Addons Like POS-Hotel Booking-and many more..

Worried about crafting a wonderful menu that is fitting for your family restaurant?
Worry no more and make use of our TasteBud Digital Restaurant Menu .A product like this guarantees nothing but the simplest and most excellent designs for restaurants Digital Menu that are catered to families of all sizes.
This can be customized with ease to efficiently take care of both your business and personal needs .
#TasteBud allows you to pick and choose services and integrations to add further value to the Restaurant/Hotel/cafes/foodtruck/Bar/Bakries/CloudKitchen/Event stall.

--Make a QR Code Restaurant Digital Menu
--Let your customers scan a QR code and see your menu with their phone.
--Reduce the spread of the Coronavirus by removing physical menus.
--Hundreds of restaurants, cafes and bars are already useing tasbud.com.
--See live analytics for your menu likefor,How many times it's been scanned and when .
--Hygiene The boost in cleanliness from a paper menu to a QR menu cannot be overstated.
--Do you need to update your menu often? No need to reprint the QR code menu . The QR code is dynamic Menu Updatei n  Real Time
--QR code marketing campaigns Dynamic QR Codes Make Your Marketing More Effective .
--Dynamic QR codes put your business right into your Client’s pocket. You can track and measure dynamic QR code statistics .
--Printing and Paper Costs A single paper menu, uncoated and in black and white, costs about 50 cents.
--Environmentally Friendly The fact that every single guest that touches your menu necessitates that menu’s disposal is not good for a restaurant’s carbon footprint.
--Menus change a lot. and you may have multiple types of menus. Whether that’s your strategy or you’re running out of ingredients, themenus are dynamic.
-- Tired of paying heavy commission to Aggregators? Take Control of your home delivery business No Revenue Share, No Commission
--share your digital menu in a QR Code with your customers .To give your guests the ultimate dining experience!

--TasteBud is the #1 Digital QR Menu  that helps increase your revenue by digitizing the dining, delivery & pick-up experience.
--Innovative  Restaurant Menu Design and Easily Editable without reprinting of QR Code.
-Share Discount coupons with the ones you love
-Old is Gold Frequent Foodies
Pre gesture Help your regular customers by providing convenient service at your restaurant.
-Whats Today’s Specials
Easily showcase your menu & Daily Specials . A smarter way for your customers to place their order. Decrease waiting time and increase average order values . TasteBud comes with an inbuilt recommendation engine to suggest customers with combos or add-ons
-Dozens of Integrations Zero code.
Your options with TasteBud are limitless! Easily add TasteBud to any webpage or use our API for a custom integration for many more plugins and installation guideline, check the repository on API section.
-Online Aggregators
Manage all food delivery platforms right from your TasteBud . No more managing different dashboards and double punching of bills!
-Online Identity
Branding your business is a must. Make your mark online! Get your restaurant’s Widget, Integrate with your Existing Or Newbies Webpage take online orders and inquiries and boost your sales and out-reach.
-Online Ordering Widget
Allow your customers to place orders on your own website, enticing them with offers without having to rely on online aggregators. Allow your customers to order directly from your own website without paying commissions to aggregators.
Promote festive offers Or What New Updates . Reach out to your customer with customized Notification and Online Digital Id.
-In-depth Analysis & Reports
Take charge of your operations with actionable reports.
-Customer Relationship Management
Gain insights into your customers and give them a personalized dining experience.
-Taxes & Discounts Automation
GST Complaint (item-wise) Billing & Discount Customization.
Split bills by amount, percentages, items or groupings and give your customers a bill format they demand.
-Combo and Offer Price
Create attractive combo-prices for your customers’ favorite meals and add-ons to drive higher-order values.
-Live Order
Get customer orders with exact details or add-ons. Churn out items with speed and accuracy.Keep a track of all current orders and allow your customers to pick-up their order  .Progress Step Like Food Preparation time /Chef as well waiter name Give Human 2 Human (H2H )Interface .
Keep a track of all  orders and allow Team for Cross marketing  .
Customization and branding Design your own  menu with Image (Download and Use Print Template)
-Menu Variation
Item variations, add-ons and special instructions allow customers to order items made for their liking.
-Works Easily on all OS
Doesn’t matter what computer,laptop or tablet you use. Our software is compatible with all.No need of an app installed on your phone;
Be it accounting TasteBud is integrated with ERPs like TALLY , SAP, Tax master and many more to help you run your business efficiently.No need to re-enter all data in ERP separately.
-Call A waiter
A smart device to alert your staff with the needs of your guests. Just press a button to call for food/ menu/ bill payment. The waiter calling device enables customers to convey their request to the wait staff without calling them or shouting.
-Call A Rider
A smart Hume 2 Human interface with secured Face Interface your customer Kwon who and with what identity Food Delivered
-Call A Token
Token with Smart and Easy Navigation alter you as well your customer about take way –Pickup Point in real Time
-Payment  Integration Solutions For Your Restaurant Digital QR Menu
TasteBud is integrated with all the popular payment methods to ensure ease in business and customer satisfaction. Never turn away a customer short of cash again!Quick and easy digital payment acceptance as well Cash Counter for your guests and gets them their bill without any human intervention.
 -ai flagship
Serve your guests to a futuristic experience while giving your staff a break.TasteBud has developed a flagship AI powered food-service robot that serves .
Rewards and offers are the best way to win over your guests and keep them coming back. Retain customers and grow your presence with attractive loyalty programs to choose from.
-Customer Log
Know your guests better with automated Customer Log management on TasteBud interface.
Know your customers and gather quick feedback on what people think about your restaurant. Gather quick and actionable insights into your brand’s market and consumer-perception.
-Takeway-PickUp services
No more confusion on online order pick-ups. Detailed Time/Date Recieved From customer. Guest also get perfact navigation and Scheduale .
-Home Delivery
Made to ease the food-delivery process  shows the order status to all delivery executives waiting to pick up the order.and get pre notification with the name of delivery boy
Customers can scan a simple QR code, select items from the digital menu, finalize their order and complete payment, all without human contact while the order would directly land in the kitchen.
- Room Service
Lots of Hotel associate with NearBy Restaurant Simply Scan QR leaf and make order .from room/pool/Conference Area
-a la carte
(in a restaurant) referring to food that can be ordered as separate items, rather than part of a set meal.select with your choice Quick/Combo Meal .
Whats Extra-------------
1. Customization and branding Design your own QR Code menu with logo(Download and Use Print Template)
2.Multi Language and Currency
3.Save Time and Money
4.Fast And Easy
5.Anytime and Anywhere
6.Hear Your Customer
7.Flexible Restaurant Setting (Like View Only , View and Order or/and Order with payment)
8.Fix Your food Delivery Status (like Dining , Take way , Home Delivery OR/AND All)
9.Call On waiter
10. Many More............
-Subscription Plan A plan to suit your needs.You can start with Sunrise and scaleUp when ever you want !1.SunRise  2. SunAroma 3. FullMoon
--Still worries send your Menu (pdf/word File ) We will Create Your Digital QR Menu on your Behalf !
--Simple Steps Free Signup , Fill all Restaurant Detail along with Setting(Like Minimum Order Value Dining/Home Dilivery /Takeway anyone or all of them) . Create Menu Under categories (like dinner/Breakfast/Lunch...)
-Download QR Code print (also use Print Template ) & Place QR Code at Dining table or share at all favirout Social media platform ! That’s It.
Their mobile is your menu now!
-- Scan the QR code on the  Middle (or below) with your phone's camera app to live preview (Only Demo Purpose ) www.tasbud.com
A great Meal starts with the menu
Let us help you with the task! https://tasbud.com


🛠 Fully-featured Admin Panel

Comes right out of the box with a ready to use and functional Admin Panel that allows you to control and check everything that is going on on your website.

👁 Ready to use Dashboard for a nice overview of what happens on your website.

🙋‍♂️ The Users management system to create, view, update and delete users, including management via an API.

⚡️ Have control over all the user generated content, such as Menu, Categories, Food Items, Hotels Rooms directly from the admin panel.

👩‍💻 Password Protection only allow people to access your URL if they kwon the password. Sensitive content warning alert people of sensitive content before accessing the URL

💳 Powerful Tracking Pixels Fb, G anaytics/Tag Manager/Quora/Linkdin/pinterest, Twitter

📝 Themes choose from a set of predefied thems .Highly Customizable Custom Background , favicon,opengraph .Font Customization Choose from a set of fonts & font sizes

💰 Payments management to check all the payments made on your platform & Statistics page to see an overview of the growth of your website.

📝 UNLIMITED QR CODES – Users can create, save & update multiple QR codes and manage them as they wish. HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE QR CODES Colored QR Codes, Gradiented QR Codes, Logo over the QR code and many more.

👩‍💻 Scheduling This allows the consumer to schedule the delivery for the day and deliver it at the required time.

📈 Built in Statistics where you can analyze how your website is growing.SEO Setting Block earch engin indexing , custom title &meta discription

📝 Targeting Languge targeting -send people to different urls based on their browser language. A/B/C....Targeting -send people to different URLS randomly & equally .OS Targeting -send people to different URLS based on their Operating system

🛠 The Users management Including a fully Feature, easy to use tools systems . More SEO tools www.seobot.in.

⭐️The offload Allows the owner of the website to completely offload either the assets of the website (JS, CSS, Images files) or/and the user-uploaded content (logos, avatars) on an external storage system..

👌 The image optimizer Meant to compress and reduce the size of JPG, JPEG, PNG & GIF user file uploads for better performance & size reduction. More SEO tools www.seobot.in.

✨ The Teams Give your users the ability to create teams, invite members based on specific permissions so that they can collaborate between accounts more easily. Manage Back Team Opration Easily..

🔥 Website settings to control every configuration so that you make it exactly the way you want it.Custom branding people can add their own branding or Comletely remove it .

💰 The affiliate system Gives your website users the ability to earn money by referring paying customers to your website. & Statistics page to see an overview of the growth of your profit.

🛠 GOOGLE SAFE BROWSWING – Is implemented to help you fight phishing, malware or any threats from sites that spammers will try and link to. More ....

🛠 More features Here are some extra features that you should know about:

Here are some extra features that you should know about:

Dark mode Simply beautiful and ready to go right out of the box.
Social logins Twitter, Google, Facebook & Discord integrations.
Automatic generated sitemap Your sitemap is automatically generated and updated for you.
Two Factor Authentication You and your users can use 2FA if they want to.
UNLIMITED PROJECTS (CATEGORIES) – The solution to easily categorize your resources.
Multilingual ready (with RTL support) The whole platform can be translated via the Admin Panel with ease.
SEO Friendly The whole platform was designed with SEO in mind.
Exportable data All the important data can be exported via CSV, JSON and even looks good as PDF.
API Ready to go REST API for certain parts of the product.
CUSTOM CAMPAIGNS BRANDING – Users are able to set their own branding of the notifications that they create.HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE NOTIFICATIONS – Users can set their own settings of the notifications they create and control everything through the settings.
NOTIFICATIONS & CAMPAIGNS STATISTICS – Users will have a dedicated page for statistics for each of their campaigns & notifications.👌 NOTIFICATIONS CONVERSIONS – Users can see and track the conversions generated by specific notifications.
Cookie consent Integrated cookie consent banner, configurable via the admin panel & translatable.
Resource system New and Update Free Resources for your Online Business .
UNLIMITED CAMPAIGNS -NOTIFICATIONS – Users can create campaigns /Notifications as per Plan for any of their website domains.